Taylor SimsFounder

Taylor serves as the President of Dallas Performance and is the exclusive engine tuner. He routinely flys around the world to help push shops and other teams to the next level. He also serves as the new product development and design lead for the company.

With over 15 years of experience in custom fabrication, Taylor specializes in providing application specific performance engineered solutions. By thinking “out-of-the-box” he has been able to provide his discriminating clientele with reliable, high performance solutions at an attractive cost.

Bobby ReedSales Manager

Bobby has aquired a vast knowledge of high performance vehicles and parts of all types. Bobby has 10+ years of sales in the racing aftermarket realm. This allows him to speak the language, and act as the perfect interpreter between clients, and our engineering and design departments.

Erik StewartShop Foreman

Erik is an ASE Master Certified mechanic with a specialty in advanced diagnostics. Erik plays an active role in managing the shop schedule and work load. He is also a hands on team member in daily production, diagnostic, and performance upgrade work.

Trae LaughlinFabrication Team Lead

Trae came to us with a 10+ year background in chassis fabrication. He has an in depth knowledge of suspension and chassis development as well as all aspects of drivetrain mechanics and how they interact to make the chassis "work". Trae is a talented fabricator with extensive industry experience that allows him to manage the fabrication department and keep new and existing products moving in production.

Luke OasLead Technician

Luke handles a large portion of the performance upgrade work and he is not only fast but very meticulous. Luke has a passion for fast cars like the rest of the crew and it really shows in his work. He has a high attention to detail and shares our vision for customer satisfaction.

Stephanie SimsFinances/PR/Marketing

Stephanie makes the numbers right, and brings balance to this creative domain. She also helps with public relations, marketing and branding.

Our GoalsClient-centric, with a dash of brilliance.

Dallas Performance is a unique and diverse team of automotive professionals committed to delivering the excellence of automotive high performance to a discerning group of clients, in an affordable and personable atmosphere.

Our primary goal is to gain the respect and loyalty of our clients with honesty, fairness, and friendly, courteous service. We do this by accurately assessing needs and suppling fabrication services and performance parts in a professional manner. Our exceptional customer service is backed by a guarantee oriented to your needs and expectations. We will do whatever is necessary to ensure this guarantee is not tarnished by indifference or failure to meet expectations.

client car Our team excels in advanced engine tuning, high performance engine building, engine development, CAD design and modeling, custom turbocharger systems, custom supercharger applications, MIG and TIG welding, fabrication, chassis work, suspension design.

We share our clients’ passionate desire to come out on top. We want to make the best of ourselves and do our utmost to ensure that our systems are made with the highest levels of quality. The resultant success promotes the prosperity of our clients, staff, investors and the society we live and work in.

Our Facility.We have expanded to serve our growing clientele.

client carDallas Performace has always strived to have a shop built around these main goals: security for client vehicles, self-containment for tight quality control and efficiency in order to complete projects quickly. All builds are dis-assembled, re-assembled, fabricated and dyno tuned in house for the quickest possible turn around. This process also allows us to take responsibility for quality control throughout the entire process. Our shop is safe and secure:

  • 15,000 square foot building.
  • 24 hour closed-circuit television video survaillance inside/outside of building.
  • Video and motion based alarm monitoring.
  • 9 vehicle lifts
  • Fully insulated dyno room with load bearing dyno
  • 100% HVAC building
  • Engine building "clean room"
  • In house 5 axis machinig, turning, welding, and sheetmetal departments
  • ...and much more!